Our aim is to provide clients with a more dynamic approach to investment management predicated on both protecting and enhancing wealth whilst building on the opportunities of tomorrow. What matters to us most is forging lasting partnerships that span generations and delivering a positive impact to all our stakeholders.

About Us

LeifBridge was conceived through the expertise of a group of likeminded individuals and it’s our collective knowledge, experience and strong relationships that drive our approach and our values.

LeifBridge Investment Services was established with the primary focus of managing the investment needs of US Citizen expats by integrating all aspects of global, multi-asset investing with the ability to navigate the complexities of cross-border tax.

The complexity of US taxation requirements can be a significant constraint to investment decisions for US Citizens living abroad, particularly in the current economic climate which has created a myriad of risks for investors, as well as pockets of opportunity.

Our offering is led by a dedicated team of investment managers with extensive experience who will construct tailored investment strategies for each client, designed to best achieve their individual objectives.

Our investment philosophy is centered around delivering strong and consistent risk-adjusted returns, with equal priority given to the management of both risk and as to the generation of returns, something we feel is vital in these uncertain times. By encouraging our clients to challenge conventional wisdom, we not only help them identify hidden risks but also new opportunities. Our aim is to provide our clients with a dynamic approach to investment management predicated on both protecting and enhancing their wealth.

Our Values


Building success together

We are thoughtfully building a firm with an enduring culture where our interests are aligned with our clients and we are focused on their success. We partner with extraordinary clients and exceptional specialists, building meaningful relationships with all our partners that enables us to create a legacy built on the opportunities of tomorrow.


The very foundation of our culture

Trust, transparency and honesty are the very foundations of the long-lasting relationships we have with our clients. We never forget that it is our client’s capital which is entrusted to us. Addressing concerns and realising aspirations underpins the relationship we have with our clients as responsible stewards of capital.


Independent in ownership, thought and action

As a privately owned and independently managed firm, we have an approach that balances the need for discipline and process with the flexibility and vision to ensure that we can adapt and meet the developing needs of our clients.  By challenging conventional wisdom we help our clients identify both hidden risks and new opportunities, ensuring we make better decisions today.

Investment Ethos

Investing together, thriving together

We are first and foremost investors, not asset gatherers, and investing alongside our clients is part of our DNA. Developing individually crafted portfolios and tailored investment strategies is the cornerstone of our business.


Positively impacting all stakeholders

We are looking to make a difference by driving change that will result in a positive impact for our clients, our colleagues, our partners and future generations. We act as one and take a leading role that goes beyond technical knowledge and focuses on better outcomes that shape our future.

The Story Behind the Name

Leif Erikson was a Viking explorer who is thought to have been the first European to set foot in North America in the 10th/11th century, a full 500 years before Christopher Columbus set sail. Leif Erikson established a Norse settlement in Vinland, which is interpreted as being coastal North America.

Stories of Leif’s journey to North America had a profound effect on Nordic Americans and in 1887 a statue of Leif Erikson was erected in Boston. In 1930 a statue of Leif Erikson was erected in Reykjavik as a gift from the United States to commemorate the 1,000-year anniversary of the Icelandic parliament.

Iceland is also the location of a major tectonic plate boundary as the mid-Atlantic ridge runs through the middle of the Reykjanes Peninsula. There you will find a bridge, commonly known as “The Bridge Between Continents”, which crosses one of the rifts where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet. Either end of the bridge is marked by signs “Welcome to America” and “Welcome to Europe”. The ancient continental boundary is an entirely symbolic connection between two continents – Europe and North American – but the bridge is named “Leif the Lucky Bridge” after the intrepid explorer.

In the world of global finance, from time-to-time tectonic shifts in the political or economic outlook can dramatically impact financial markets. At LeifBridge we know a thing or two about tectonic shifts in financial markets and the impact these can have on our clients. It seems fitting therefore that a company offering investment management services that specifically cater to US Expats living in the UK and on the European side of the Atlantic, should share its name with an Icelandic bridge and the first European to set foot in North America.

Shard Capital

LeifBridge was born out of its partnership with Shard Capital and continues to benefit from the support and broader networks which Shard Capital can offer. Shard Capital is a leading wealth and asset manager who offer offers a variety of investment management services catering for intermediaries, institutional and high net worth individuals as well as retail clients.   Shard Capital offers investment, dealing and capital markets services to private, corporate and institutional clients to help clients effectively manage and administer their assets and access global markets and wealth management opportunities.Shard Capital supports our clients to achieve a broad range of objectives through our highly tailored service, backed by our team’s diverse expertise, extensive networks and resources. Our clients choose us for our valued, trusted expertise, proven track record and personal service.